PASS – A Personal Air Sterilizing System


The PASS System offers near-complete removal of harmful substances from the air around you. PASS is capable of removing 99.9% of coronavirus and most other virus strands, bacteria, and fungus.

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PASS cleans and sterilizes the immediate environment around you, leaving you free from pollutants!

PASS is the unique Portable Air Sterilizing System (patent pending) which removes up to 99.9% of Coronavirus, most other viruses, fungus, and other pollutants. PASS is proven safe by allowing ozone emissions under the regulatory requirement.  (FDA Regulation: 0.05ppm / Pass : 0.006ppm). *Tested by FDA Authorized Test Lab!

  • Order ONE (1) PASS System @ $499
  • Order TWO (2) PASS Systems @ $799
  • Order THREE (3) PASS Systems @ $999