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AquaFirme has been upgraded to the new AquaFirmeXS with all-new patent-protected serums comprised of plant extracts & secretory factors. Now you can offer the power of EXO|E Technology & elevate your patient experience with the newest innovation in dermatological bio-therapy.

The new serums are 100% natural, paraben & alcohol free, and are comprised of highly studied plants known to reduce inflammation, increase hydration, and balance the skin.

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  • CLARIFY - Serum 1 - Our proprietary blend of plant secretory factors and plant extracts help remove impurities from the skin to prepare it for the penetration of additional serums.
  • VIVIFY –  Serum 2 – Our proprietary blend of plant secretory factors and plant extracts helps brighten and even out the facial complexion. Ideal for sun-kissed skin with pigmentation or sun damage, counteracting environmental damaged caused by pollution and free radicals.
  • DETOX – Serum 3 – Our proprietary blend of biobased plant secretory factors and plant extracts help reduce inflammatory pollutants, while reducing free radicals and antioxidants, restoring the skin’s healthy balance.
  • DEFY – Serum 4 – Our blend of proprietary biobased plant secretory factors use the most advanced scientifically developed defenses against inflammation, this solution fights the appearance of premature aging.

*An AquaFirme & AquaFirmeXS EVO consumable


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